Monday, August 8, 2011


So I got a call from Stew Leonards today and they gave me a rough estimate for the flowers.  Basically, a bridal bouquet would be $150, bridesmaid bouquets would be $75, and centerpieces would be at LEAST $50.  If I have 20 tables, that's gonna be $1000 just for the centerpieces.  Also, the bridal bouquet is 3x what I hoped to spend and the bridesmaid bouquets would be $125 more than I hopes to spend.


I've decided to do them myself.  Costco and Sam's Club both sell bulk flowers that can be delivered to your door.  Then I can make the centerpieces and bouquets on my own.  Dollar Tree sells glass vases for $1 and you can order them in bulk online.  I might also check Goodwill and secondhand stores for interesting ones to put on the guestbook table and by the cake.

I have lots of ideas for my bridal bouquet.  I think these two are very beautiful:

For the bridesmaid, I was thinking of something carnations.  I've also thought about having them carry clutch purses down the aisle.  I have to see how they feel about that but I think it could be an interesting idea.  I have a lot of options on this one.

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