Saturday, August 20, 2011

Driving me crazy

Casey (my fiance) is driving me crazy!  I have all of these great ideas for the wedding and he has no faith that I can pull any of them off.  I told him I am DIYing the flowers and he just went on a speech about how I'll never do it.  He also hates my pomander idea for the ceremony decorations.  I'm doing it anyway though.  There needs to be something on the outside to decorate the venue.  The problem is that Casey thinks he knows EVERYTHING about weddings since he's DJed so many of them.  Ugh.  Well it's my money that is paying for the wedding so we will spend it how I want to spend it.

One of the girls on Wedding Bees (my FAVORITE wedding website) had a great tutorial on how to make them.  They came out lovely so I think I am going to order the flowers from the same site she did.  Here is a look at the tutorial.

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