Sunday, November 7, 2010


So I found a girl named Jessica who is willing to do my invitations and accommodate my very tight budget.  She is trying to get into the stationary business and is looking to expand her portfolio.  So basically she is willing to do the entire thing for free and all I have to do is pay for the materials!  This is going to save me a lot of time and aggravation.

We're going for a movie-themed wedding.  Movies are one of the first things we bonded over and it's something that continues to unite us so I think it would be a great thing to emphasize during our reception.  It's hard to find things that are movie-themed and not completely cheesy so a lot of it is going to have to be custom made.

This is what I am going for with the stationary.  I found this on etsy and loved it so I am hoping Jessica can come up with something similar.  I think it looks whimsical yet expensive.

This is what I would like the response cards to look like.  Our colors are purple and yellow so obviously we would use some of those colors in the stationary but this is the basic design I would like to base my response postcards on.

So that's the basic plan for stationary.  These designs I've showed you were made by and I am hoping to do something similar.

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  1. I LOVE love love love that idea. Those are awesome.