Friday, November 19, 2010

My Save the Dates Have Arrived!

I'm so excited.  I ordered these from and they were super cheap.  I love the way they came out!  Now all I have to do is buy some A2 envelopes and they're good to go.

Also, I FINALLY figured out what to do for invitations.  My good friend Ruby is an art teacher at a California high school.  She said she would have a contest for her advanced art students where they can design wedding invitations for us and we can pick the ones we like the best.  All I have to pay for is the paper!  This is saving me so much money and it will be unique and special because they are custom made.  I'm so excited to see what they create!


  1. Stef! What a fabulous idea!! So unique!

  2. I LOVE THEM! That was a wonderful idea. And it's so freaking cool that your friend's students are going to figure out the invitations!