Thursday, December 30, 2010

Wedding Bands

Well Casey and I both got our wedding bands!!  We came in $80 over budget but it's fine because I am significantly under budget on our invites thanks to my wonderful bridesmaid Ruby.  :)  Casey's band is made out of Tungsten steel which is scratch-proof.  It's just a plain band which is exactly what he wanted.  Mine is actually an insert.  My ring was a pain in the ass to match because it's such a weird shape but we found an insert that will work if they bend and twist it a little.  So my ring is in the shop (which kind of sucks because now I feel naked).  It's a really pretty insert though and I think it's going to look amazing after it's all put together.  So that's another thing we have taken care of.  Little by little we are getting things done.

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